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Entry #42

I'm back from the dead. Again. 4/10/16

2016-04-10 18:30:17 by YourbrandnewPC

hi guys. how was your day. did i miss anything. D;



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2016-04-10 19:18:18

Were you here for April Fools? If so, you didn't really miss anything.

YourbrandnewPC responds:

I wasn't here for Aprils Fools, what happend :(


2016-04-11 10:57:45

Trump Takeover

YourbrandnewPC responds:

D: nuuu


2016-04-21 03:54:08

I see that your still doing great! :D I wanted to let you know that I still check out your page every once and a while. :) I also wanted to tell all of my fans that I have two new comedy arts out and more coming soon. If you want to check those out